Venom Trailer Coming Soon

Venom Trailer Coming Soon

Following the release of the Venom Comic-Con trailer we said a new trailer would be online shortly thereafter, and now the new Venom trailer is classified.

The Venom trailer is said to be 2 minutes and 31 seconds in length and approved for release.

Sony actually launched a Venom social media account for Eddie Brock, which teased, “Until next week…”

So the new footage should be online sometime soon.

It’s unknown if the footage will be what was shown at Comic-Con, which was said to be bad ass as it showed multiple symbiotes, but regardless, the new trailer should be good.

An image of Tom Hardy as the symbiote has leaked online from Comic-Con as well:

Venom trailer

Director Ruben Fleischer also explained why the character won’t feature the white Spider-Man symbol on its chest, which is because they are going with a different origin for the movie.

“If you look at the comics, in Venom, there is just elements of white within his suit,” Ruben Fleischer told IGN. “Because our character does not originate from Spider-Man, it makes no sense to put a spider on his chest. We tried to be as accurate as we possibly could, even though some people feel it’s inaccurate, but there is a lot of white and we wanted to give him a distinctive pattern.”

While it won’t feature the Spidey symbol, the look to the symbiote will have white elements.

“If you have an all-black character, especially in night scenes, he just kind of disappears,” Fleischer explained. “Since we couldn’t use the Spider-Man symbol, we wanted to give him another graphic element, and those veins that kind of form a shape on his chest was an original idea that we just thought looked really cool.”

Venom has an October 5, 2018 release also starring Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, Riz Ahmed as Dr. Carlton Drake, with Jenny Slate and Woody Harrelson.