Venom Trailer Coming Next Week


Sony debuted a new Venom trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con, but has yet to officially release it online, and now it looks as if it will be released next week.

Sony has launched an official Venom “Eddie’s Clubhouse” social media Twitter account to promote the film where “journalist Eddie Brock responds to your tweets.”

Yesterday saw the official Sony account tweet out a pic of Venom with “We are #Venom,” which saw the Eddie Brock Twitter reply, “Until next week…”

Both of the tweets also featured the new Twitter hasgtag emoji:

Venom trailer

If you can’t wait a week for the new trailer, a new look at Tom Hardy as the symbiote has leaked online from Comic-Con. You can watch the first trailer below as well.

Venom has an October 5, 2018 release directed by Ruben Fleischer starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, the titular character, Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, Riz Ahmed as Dr. Carlton Drake, with Jenny Slate and Woody Harrelson.

Venom Comic-Con

Venom Comic-Con