Venom 2: New Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson Images


New images from Venom 2 have landed online featuring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady, and Michelle Williams as Anne Weying.

Empire Online also revealed that Tom Hardy has a story credit for the sequel, “Let There Be Carnage.”

“This is new for him, to get credit,” screenwriter Kelly Marcel filled in Empire. “But it’s not new for him to be this involved. He’s absolutely 100 percent committed to everything that he does. He’s married to Venom, He loves this character. He’s very involved in what he thinks should happen.”

The article mentions that Tom Hardy had lengthy conversations with Marcel about how Venom and Carnage will battle onscreen.

“He doesn’t get a pen and write,” explained Marcel of Hardy’s process. “We spent months breaking the story together on FaceTime, riffing on ideas, seeing what worked, seeing what didn’t. Then I took everything we spoke about and holed up somewhere for three months quietly, knocking out a script.”

Venom: Let There Be Carnage has a September 24, 2021 release date directed by Andy Serkis also starring Naomie Harris with a new trailer expected soon. Watch the first trailer here.

Venom 2 images:

Venom 2 Tom Hardy

Venom 2 Woody Harrelson

Venom 2 Michelle Williams