‘Venom’ 2: Cool Look At Carnage Revealed Through Promos


Check out a cool look at Carnage in Venom 2 as various promos and merchandise have hit the net ahead of the flick’s release this September.

Twitter users have posted art and images featuring Carnage, who is played by Woody Harrelson, with the art and statues offering a cool look at the spawn of Venom.

A recent Venom 2 featurette leaked online offering a new look at Carnage where Harrelson gave props to fellow actor Tom Hardy.

“One of the great actors I’ve ever seen,” saaid Harrelson in the featurette about working with Hardy who is back as Eddie Brock. “There are scenes with him where you are able to see both performances at the same time… I was surprised how funny it was.”

Check out Carnage below!

Venom: Let There Be Carnage has a September 24, 2021 release date directed by Andy Serkis also starring Michelle Williams and Naomie Harris.

Venom 2: Carnage promos:

Venom 2 Carnage Poster

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