Transformers Movie Gets A Release Date; Could Be Beast Wars


Paramount has given a release date to a new live-action Transformers movie which could be for Beast Wars or another Bumblebee film.

The release date for the new Transformers movie is June 24, 2022.

Deadline notes that two live-action Transformers projects are currently in development.

One of the films is by Murder Mystery writer James Vanderbilt that is adapting the popular Transformer Beast Wars animated series and action figure line which sees the Autobots (Maximals) and Decepticons (Predacons) transform into animals instead of vehicles i.e. Optimus Primal as a gorilla, Megatron as a dinosaur, Rhinox is a rhino, Cheetor is a cheetah, Scorponok is a scorpion, etc.

The other project is by John Wick 3 executive producer and Army of the Dead writer Joby Harold and is said to take place in the Bumblebee universe.

The article further notes it is not definite yet which one will make it to production.


Paramount and Hasbro working on more Transformers movies

Thursday also saw the news that a Transformers Cybertron animated movie prequel is getting fast-tracked that will focus on Optimus Prime and Megatron during their time on the homeworld of the Transformers prior to coming to Earth.

It’s reported Paramount and Hasbro are fast-tracking the animated movie because it’s easier to work on than a live-action movie with the coronavirus causing everything to be closed down.

Hasbro is also developing a new GI Joe movie.

Bumblebee was released back in 2018 and brought in over $467 million.

The Michael Bay flicks have brought in billions, but it has been reported Bay is done with the franchise.

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