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Tom Holland Drops Spider-Man: Homecoming Spoiler

Tom Holland Drops Spider-Man: Homecoming Spoiler

Whoops! We’ll leave it to the excitement of Comic-Con for the following Spider-Man: Homecoming spoiler accidently revealed by Tom Holland.

The films sees Spider-Man having mechanical web shooters, with footage revealed at Comic-Con of Peter Parker secretly making web fluid in class. Now Tom Holland offers further details about Spider-Man’s webbing to Entertainment Tonight while being interviewed at the SDCC.

“We working on different ways of doing it,” Holland said about Spider-Man’s wrist movement that shoots the webbing. “For different types of webs, you see. There’s not just [makes the number one with his hand]… Oh, I might have given something away there.”

Tom Holland continues and shows off the classic Spider-Man wrist movement with mention they are doing something in Spider-Man: Homecoming (in addition to the new wrist movements and webbing accidentally mentioned above) that hasn’t been seen before in any of the movies.

“It’s like this. What we really want to try and [show] is grabbing the web,” Holland said. “We’ve never seen anyone… It’s always just like ‘it sticks to him, so now we have to grab [the web].’ So that’s our big thing of the moment.”

Regarding the different types of Spider-Man webs, the news shouldn’t be all that surprising as Spider-Man spins various webs in the comics (and previous movies) which range from his webline to small structures (parachutes) to thicker webs to web balls.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” has a July 7, 2017 release directed by Jon Watts starring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Michael Keaton, Donald Glover, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, Tony Revolori, Tyne Daly, Bokeem Woodbine, with Marisa Tomei, and Robert Downey Jr. 


A young Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland), who made his sensational debut in Marvel Studios’ “Captain: Civil War,” begins to navigate his newfound identity as the web-slinging superhero in “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”