Goofy Thundercats Show Announced

ThunderCats Roar


That’s my initial reaction upon learning that Cartoon Network is rebooting ThunderCats into some sort of goofy version which will debut in 2019 with ThunderCats Roar.

Cartoon Network recently attempted a new take on ThunderCats a few years ago, but couldn’t decide if they wanted it to be epic on the scale of Lord of the Rings or something for the kiddies. I think if they would have stuck with the former it would have succeeded.

Now we see they have given up entirely on ThunderCats, and similar to just about all their cartoons these days, it’s another brainless mind-numbing goofy show.

Here is the official description:

Staying true to the premise of the original series, Lion-O and the ThunderCats — Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykat, and Wilykit — barely escape the sudden destruction of their home world, Thundera, only to crash land on the mysterious and exotic planet of Third Earth. Lion-O, the newly appointed Lord of the ThunderCats, attempts to lead the team as they make this planet their new home. A bizarre host of creatures and villains stand in their way, including the evil Mumm-Ra, Third Earth’s wicked ruler who will let nothing, including the ThunderCats, stop his tyrannical reign over the planet.

ThunderCats Roar stars Max Mittelman (Justice League Action) as Lion-O and Wilykat, Erica Lindbeck (DC Super Hero Girls) as Cheetara and Wilykit, Patrick Seitz (Justice League Action) as Tygra and Mumm-Ra, and Chris Jai Alex (Star Wars: Battlefront II) as Panthro.