‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Reveals Tessa Thompson’s New Valkyrie Costume


The new Valkyrie costume stands revealed for Thor: Love and Thunder as an image of Tessa Thompson has hit social media revealing the new suit, and that’s not all, as the pic also confirms the validity of poorly made promo art.

As we see below, both images below feature Valkyrie wearing a black and white costume for the movie.

Assuming the promo art is now legit, which looks to be photoshopped from various official promo images for Thor: Love and Thunder, we also see the look of Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor sports a new look, and Korg is also featured.

Regarding Valkyrie, it’s confirmed Tessa Thompson is also searching for her new queen of Asgard in the movie, as recall in Avengers: Endgame, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor was shown to be depressed, drunk, and fat while Valkyrie became the king of New Asgard on Earth. 

Thor: Love and Thunder gets released July 8, 2022 directed by Taika Waititi and also stars Christian Bale as the villain of the movie, Gorr the God Butcher. 

Recent info also offers the story will center around Natalie Portman as the Female Thor, amid possible big-time spoilers.

It’s also been suggested that Tessa Thompson will also appear in Captain Marvel 2, The Marvels.

Thor: Love and Thunder: New Tessa Thompson Valkyrie costume:

Thor: Love and Thunder promo art:

Thor Love and Thunder promo art

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