The Marvels Box Office Collapsing Internationally

The first 'Captain Marvel' had a massive foreign gross in 2019 following 'Infinity War.'

The first 'Captain Marvel' had a massive foreign gross in 2019 following 'Infinity War.'

The Marvels Box Office Collapsing Internationally

Ahead of the U.S. debut, it’s reported The Marvels box office in international markets is completely collapsing and is the lowest ever for the MCU.

Captain Marvel in 2019 grossed a massive $704.5 million internationally which led to the flick bringing in over $1.1 billion worldwide.

However, the sequel, The Marvels, doesn’t look to be coming in anywhere near those numbers.

Update: The domestic box office is also bombing.

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Dismal opening and rough time

Update: The Marvels is looking like $63.3M internationally, with only $15 million from China. Domestic box office is looking like $47 million (Captain Marvel opened in China to $89 million).

Original article continues:

A Twitter user who reports on international movie news offers The Marvels has had a “dismal” Wednesday (WED) opening in foreign markets and a “rough time.”

The foreign box office is even coming in less than Five Nights At Freddy’s which was basically free to watch on streaming at the same time as in movie theaters. The foreign box office is also said to be similar to DC’s Blue Beetle, The Flash, and Black Adam — all of which bombed.

“Apart from the dismal debut in Korea, The Marvels had a really rough time in France’s Box Office, coming in #2 on WED Opening Day below Five Nights At Freddy’s, grossing just est $435k with 49k admissions, similar to Blue Beetle’s 415k with 47k admissions, an all-time low for the MCU. WOM is shockingly bad with critics giving it a 2.5 and audiences giving it a 2.4, equivalent to a C CinemaScore,” tweeted Luiz Fernando.

Fernando continued, “And that’s not all. Rough time in Europe as a whole. In Italy’s Box Office for instance, another all-time low for the MCU as The Marvels grossed just 300k on WED Opening Day (vs The Flash’s 422k, Black Adam’s 260k), debuting also in #2 place ( below local drama C’è ancora domani’s 621k 2nd WED) and taking just 38k moviegoers to theatres.”

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What are the U.S. box office estimates?

This week also saw the U.S. box office projections for The Marvels plummet.

Just three weeks ago the film was estimated to open to $75 million or more. Now, the projections are offering $60 million or lower.

Captain Marvel opened in the U.S. to over $153 million.

The Rotten Tomatoes Score also isn’t helping things; if the critics don’t like this type of movie, it likely means the flick is in big trouble.

We’ll have a better idea about The Marvels box office later tonight or early tomorrow following tonight’s Thursday previews.

The Captain Marvel Thursday previews were a whopping $20.7 million.

The Marvels is directed by Nia DaCosta and stars Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris.

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