‘The Flash’ Box Office Completely Collapses

Anyone who defends this piece of trash has lost all credibility.

Anyone who defends this piece of trash has lost all credibility.

'The Flash' Box Office Completely Collapses

The Flash is turning out to be one of the worst movies of all time as the box office in its second weekend completely collapses.

The flick massively bombed in its opening weekend only bringing in $55 million, and now it is estimated The Flash will drop 72.3% and only bring in around $15 million for its second weekend.

Things are so bad that Warner Bros. is even giving out free tickets through Fandango where fans can buy one ticket and get one free, something I don’t think I’ve ever seen happen.

The performance of The Flash is comparable to how Sony’s Morbius movie tanked big time; however, the major difference is that Morbius cost only around $75 million to make while The Flash is reported to have had a budget of around $250 million, so that means The Flash is by far the worse movie.

To show how bad things are for DC, in its second weekend, The Flash is also barely beating out the new Jennifer Lawrence comedy No Hard Feelings and depending on how things play out, will come in third or fourth for the weekend behind Elemental and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Again that’s in The Flash‘s second weekend, which means it is a complete disaster.

Worth a mention is that The Flash is also performing under Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, which had a similar budget, but debuted with a $67 million opening weekend and saw only a drop of 59% in weekend two for a $27.4 second weekend box office. Black Adam finished with close to $400 million and didn’t have the benefit of a Chinese release where Dwayne Johnson normally has big numbers. The Flash did get released in China but has only brought in $13.7 million.

David Zaslav also chose to go with James Gunn over Dwayne Johnson, Gunn who said The Flash is probably the best superhero movie of all time. What’s that say for Gunn’s Superman: Legacy? Good luck.

More red flags come with it learned that movie theaters have dropped The Flash from the higher-end screenings such as IMAX and RPX theaters which have been given back to Spider-Verse, so that means The Flash will be playing in fewer theaters.

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So what happened?

Simply put, The Flash is pure trash and is arguably one of the worst superhero movies of all time. You can read my review here where I let loose as Ezra Miller is atrocious playing the two Barry Allens, the plot is horrible (who killed the mom? Keaton and Calle don’t matter!), the special effects are unforgivably bad, and the ending and post-credit scenes are vomit-inducing.

James Gunn, David Zaslav, Andy Muschietti, and anyone who defends this piece of garbage have lost all credibility. It’s simple as that. The DC brand is irreparably damaged going forward.

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The Flash box office:

DOMESTIC (41.5%)



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