Fans Reject ‘The Crow’ Reboot Trailer

The reimagining by Lionsgate and director Rupert Sanders isn't sitting well with fans who love the original.

fans reject the crow reboot trailer


  • Fans have rejected the trailer for the upcoming reboot of The Crow by Lionsgate
  •  The original 1994 film and comics are beloved by fans
  • The reboot doesn’t take inspiration from the comics or the cult-favorite Brandon Lee movie

Following those first look images and the explanation by the director, I figured this was coming, as now fans have rejected The Crow trailer that was recently released by Lionsgate.

I’ll tell you exactly what is going on, and what is going on is this is another dumb move by Hollywood to take advantage of an existing IP so they can use the existing IP’s popularity to promote a new version.

The 1994 Brandon Lee movie is a big time cult fan favorite film and so are the original James O’Barr comics.

So some Hollywood exec thought it was a good idea to throw some money at a reboot, but “reimagine” it to their liking. Well, guess what? It’s not working.

Update: Original director responds.

the crow bill skarsgard

The Crow reboot is a dumb f’n idea

As I pointed out, those first look images of Bill Skarsgård look like the Jared Leto Joker. Now, isn’t there anybody at Lionsgate or on Bill Skarsgård’s team that thinks they look horrible and that this isn’t a good idea? It reminds me of Madame Web. If you’re Dakota Johnson or Sydney Sweeney’s manager, why the fk would you sign them up for the movie? Oh, right, cha-ching.

So director Rupert Sanders’ bright idea is to do The Crow reboot, but not base it on the comics or the Brandon Lee movie? Sanders said he was inspired by his own life and references Joy Division, The Cure, Post Malone, and Lil Peep. Are you f’n kidding me?  

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Question for Rupert: Why the fk didn’t you just make your own movie with an original story based on your life inspired by Joy Division, The Cure, Post Malone, and Lil Peep? Well, we all know the answer — because no one would f’n watch it. Instead, you’re highjacking The Crow IP in a desperate attempt to profit from it. What a bunch of f’n BS.

Well, I’m not alone in my thinking as following the trailer release from Thursday, fans have disliked The Crow trailer to hell on YouTube.

The teaser released on Wednesday, which looks like it was generated using AI, has 2k likes to 1.5k dislikes.

However, the full trailer has 40k likes to 51k dislikes! Update: Now up to 93k dislikes. Check out some of the most liked comments on the trailer below.

the crow trailer youtube dislikes 93k
Screenshot via Lionsgate YouTube

Some of the most liked comments:

– Why does the Crow look like Machine Gun Kelly dressed up like Florida Joker?

– “The Crow we gotta talk.” -Florida Joker.

– The original Crow was a movie made way ahead of its time. Brandon Lee will forever be the true Crow.

– Getting “Super Easy, barely an Inconvenience” vibes. RIP Brandon Lee

– In the original, Eric looks like he plays guitar for Nine Inch Nails. In the reboot, Eric looks like he raps on SoundCloud.

– Every 90s goth kid playing Burn by the Cure over & over tonight to try and brain bleach this trailer from our minds lol

– Hollywood: The place that just can’t leave good things alone.

– The Batman looked more like The Crow than this movie does

– The only thing this trailer accomplished was making me want to watch the original.

– What the hell is the fascination with making every body look like a SoundCloud rapper?

– A film that just didn’t need a remake.

– There’s one good thing about this trailer. It makes me appreciate the original movie even more than I did back then.

– Come on this movie doesn’t have the atmosphere of the 1994 movie, we just saw a John Wick with superpowers

– Brandon Lee Never Dies

– Taking Draven and turning him into a fuckboy really gives a new meaning to the phrase, “victims, aren’t we all”

– I’m just gonna remake it really, really bad”. Jared Draven.

– What made the original so appealing wasn’t just Brandon Lee or the story, it was also the setting. Almost every shot is in this gothic dark world where every scene is either in a dark room or at night while it’s raining. It had its own unique mood and vibe that complements this dark story about death and revenge.

– RIP Brandon Lee, our Crow

Bonus: “Madame Web is the worst movie of the year.” The Crow reboot: “Hold my beer.”

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