The Acolyte: The Force Creates Lesbian Children (Rumor)

Big Star Wars rumor supports the claim that Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, and Leslye Headland are retconning the George Lucas movies.

the acolyte force creates lesbian chidlren rumor

Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, and Leslye Headland are apparently taking “The Force Is Female” in an entirely new direction as it is claimed the new Star Wars series, The Acolyte, will use the Force to create children from lesbians.

It is a rumor that has surfaced via Twitter as various members of the media have been provided the first four episodes to review, so it’s possible the details have leaked.

The Force creating children from lesbians might also have been teased in the first two episode premiere when it was revealed the twins, Osha and Mae, have “mothers.”

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What does the rumor say?

The rumor comes from YouTuber That Star Wars Girl via Twitter.

“In Episode 3 of The Acolyte, The Force produces children through lesbians,” Anna tweeted. “I’m not even joking.”

Update: The rumor is confirmed.

A separate rumor I have also heard is that The Acolyte will explain the Force as being originated from a female source.

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What is going on?

I actually went over this about three weeks ago, but apparently what is happening is that Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, and Leslye Headland are retconning George Lucas’ original movies.

So as we all know, Anakin’s mother mysteriously got pregnant, which is thought to be through the Force/the midi-chlorians. Well, Anakin and Padmé had twins, Luke and Leia.

So since The Acolyte takes place a hundred years before the prequel movies, in canon, the events of the series technically come first.

Apparently, what Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, and Leslye Headland are doing is that instead of Luke and Leia being the first twins, it’s now Osha and Mae.

Likewise, assuming the rumors are true, their mothers are lesbians who get pregnant via the Force, before the mother of Anakin in the George Lucas movies.

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Worth a mention is that Leslye Headland is a lesbian who cast her wife in The Acolyte, and Headland has admitted she injected herself into the series.

The above rumors also fit with an early reaction to the first four episodes that offered The Acolyte kills Star Wars.

In my own review, I went over how useless the Jedi are in the series and how it’s a sloppy mess because the series pushes diversity ahead of quality story.

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