The Acolyte Retcons Luke & Leia? Non-Binary Villain Explained?

A new TV spots sheds light on villain details. Warning: Possibly spoilers.

star wars acolyte villain luke leia

A new TV spot for The Acolyte possibly sheds more light on the villain, which was described by showrunner Leslye Headland using a non-binary pronoun.

With the release of the latest trailer, Headland recently told, “I’ll just say that they’re my favorite character.” 

Well, “they’re” refers to two more people not one, right, so what’s going on?

A new TV spot has surfaced which features lots of new footage and offers further clues.

Note: Possible spoilers follow.

Are there two villains?

It appears as if The Acolyte might possibly feature two villains, which makes sense with Headland using the word “they’re”; however, again, she only used the word to describe one character.

What really appears to be going on is that they are twins.

So by Headland (she obviously intentionally said it the way she did) stating “they’re my favorite character” — she’s possibly referring to the twins as a “character” in the show. ba-dum-TSH

star wars the acolyte

Retcons the twins of Star Wars?

Well, we all know who the first twins of Star Wars are, right? Luke and Leia.

So, apparently, in The Acolyte, the show will have the “first” set of twins, as it takes place a hundred years or so before the Lucas movies, which in canon, means The Acolyte twins come first, not Luke and Leia.

The spin in The Acolyte also appears as if these set of twins (or one of them, watch the footage below) study the Dark Side.

The Acolyte premiers on Disney+ on June 4.

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