‘The Acolyte’ Reaction: Horrible, Kills Star Wars

Twitter film journalist has watched the first four episodes.

acolyte reaction horrible kills star wars

The new Star Wars series, The Acolyte, premiers Tuesday on Disney+ where a reaction posted to social media states the series is horrible and that it kills Star Wars.

Lucasfilm is also holding a fan screening in Los Angeles on Monday. I have a buddy there, so I am waiting to hear back, and he is going to send me some pictures from the event.

Regarding the reaction to The Acolyte, it comes via the editor-in-chief of Film Threat, Alan Ng, who got to watch the first four episodes (Disney never sent me them for some reason) ahead of the two episode premiere.

Update: Rotten Tomatoes Score is available, and the fan score is the lowest for Star Wars on Disney+.

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What does the reaction say?

“Kicking off the weekend watching The Acolyte. I have a funny feeling about this,” he first tweeted on Saturday.

He continued, “I’m on the third episode. As they say, ‘The Force…is Female.’”

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Ng did have something good to say as the show did reportedly cost close to $200 million.

“I feel like I have to see something good. This series has better production values than Mando, Kenobi, Andor, and Ahsoka. And no stupid celebrity cameos so far. Still has serious flaws though. Just not as many,” he said.

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Ng also says the show starts to go downhill after the two episode premiere.

“On episode four and finally…we have pronouns,” says the tweet.

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Another adds, “Four episodes done. Now I’m going to curl up in a ball and cry.”

About that third episode he says, “My last comment. On Tuesday, some of you will watch the first two episodes and think, ‘This isn’t horrible!’ Then that third episode the following week will reassure you that it is.”

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He also adds, “OK this will really be my last comment. Leslye Headland is a better writer than Dave Filoni by a country mile…and that’s still not saying much.”

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Alan Ng also says if Disney and Lucasfilm haven’t killed Star Wars for fans just yet, it will with The Acolyte.

“FINAL VERDICT: The third episode of The Acolyte will finally kill Star Wars for the vast majority of Pre-Disney Star Wars Fans. Based on LucasFilm comments of late, they are OK with that,” Ng tweeted.

acolyte villain non binary

Per the norm, the woke weirdos have found the tweets and are attacking Ng.

“Here’s the funny thing. I put out an early review of The Marvels and got trashed by the woke mob. Then, when the movie came out…silence. I’m getting trashed now for my harsh take on The Acolyte…I expect a similar response,” he tweeted.

He added, “Better yet. Be the brave OG Star Wars fan who says, ‘The Acolyte is the obvious progression of Star Wars lore I imagined after seeing Return of the Jedi.’ Yes, I know The Acolyte takes place 100 years before ROTJ.”

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