The Acolyte: Amandla Stenberg Excited For ‘Gnarly’ Girl Fight

Showrunner Leslye Headland is also excited about Episode 5, and Dafne Keen thinks her character has a crush on Osha.

the acolyte amandla stenberg gnarly girl fight

Tonight sees an all new episode of The Acolyte released on Disney+, and star of the show, rage-twerking Amandla Stenberg, reveals she looks forward to a “gnarly” girl fight.

Showrunner Leslye Headland also chimes in about Episode 5 and is excited about the fight scenes.

While the first four episodes have been pretty much light on action, that sounds like it’s all changing with the second half of the season.

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“Girl fight that gets gnarly”

“I will say that when you get to episode 5, we mix it up,” Headland tells Screen Rant. “There’s one fight that I was thinking specifically that you have that’s hand combat, and it’s very down and dirty and scrappy, if you will.”

Amandla Stenberg adds she is excited about the girl fight.

“I don’t want to say too much, but the stunt or sequence that I’m the proudest of is a girl fight that gets gnarly,” says Stenberg.

Since they quickly killed off Carrie-Anne Moss’ Master Indara in the first episode, we can guess the “gnarly” girl fight is between Stenberg’s two characters, twin sisters Osha and Mae.

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Jecki Lon and Osha have a crush on each other

Another possibility is that maybe Mae battle’s Dafne Keen’s Jedi Knight, Jecki Lon, which probably wouldn’t sit too well with Osha, as apparently Jecki and Osha have a crush on each other.

“I am so happy you asked that because this is my favorite question ever,” Keen told Decider. “I think, for Jeckie, it’s very confusing because as a Jedi you’re not allowed to have feelings for other people…And I think…I think she…[Laughs], I think she does. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but I think she does.”

Keen continues which sounds more like her character is a part of the Dark Side: “Jeckie’s such a young character. She’s an 18-year-old, but she’s not a normal 18-year-old. Like she hasn’t gone to school and she hasn’t had interactions with other like people. So it’s her first real experience, I think, of those kinds of feelings and almost the guilt and confusion that comes with it.”

Keen adds: “She’s such a controlled, like self-judging, like perfect student, that I think it’s also almost self-hatred that comes from having those feelings and the kind of constriction, but also the inevitable magnetism that she has towards Osha because of that.”

New episodes of The Acolyte premiere at 9pm EST on Disney+!

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