Superman Returns (2007): “Return To Krypton” Deleted Scene Images from Anthology


Check these out!

Some images from a delete scene, “Return To Krypton,” to the 2007 Superman Returns, which starred Brandon Routh, have surfaced online.

Just what are we seeing here?

Well, we know Supes took a Kryptonian vessel out to find Krypton – maybe there he sees a flashback of his departure to earth via Kryptonian crystals?

If anyone knows, fill us in below in the comments!

Speaking of Superman, the Anthology Blue Ray edition becomes available this Tuesday, June 7th, with loads of extra goodies.

UPDATE: This is on the Anthology as the FB Page reads these were taken with an iPhone. Sweet!

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image0001 image0002 image0003 image0004 image0005 image0006 image0007 image0008