‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3: Michael Bishop Playing Jonathan Kent

Jordan Elsass recently announced his exit from the series due to personal reasons.

Jordan Elsass recently announced his exit from the series due to personal reasons.

'Superman & Lois' Season 3: Michael Bishop Playing Jonathan Kent

Australian actor Michael Bishop will be playing Jonathan Kent in Superman & Lois Season 3.

Bishop replaces Jordan Elsass who left the show due to personal reasons.

“Michael (age 4): ‘i wanna be superman when I grow up,’” posted Bishop on his Instagram following the news.

Michael Bishop is known for the Skin Like Bark short, Grace Beside Me, the Shelter short, and the Disney Spin TV movie.

Recent details for Superman & Lois Season 3 include that The Walking Dead‘s Chad L. Coleman will be playing the villain, Bruno Mannheim, the leader of Intergang, who in the comics is provided advanced tech by Darkseid in his plot to take over the Earth, which could suggest the New God might be showing up.

Via Michael Bishop Instagram:

Superman Tyler Hoechlin
Superman Tyler Hoechlin

Superman & Lois Season 3 premiers midseason 2023

The Season 2 finale also saw the big reveal that Superman & Lois is no longer a part of the Arrowverse and is its own thing set with its own universe.

“DC and I had a conversation during Season 1, and the decision [to keep Superman & Lois separate] was made then, but I couldn’t make it public until the end of this season,” showrunner Todd Helbing explained. “So when I got all these questions [in previous interviews], I knew what we were doing, but I could never talk about it.”

Helbing continued, “It got a little frustrating on my end, but I totally understand DC’s position. So this put that to rest. I’ve said from the beginning that we want to put our own stamp on the Superman property. This wasn’t meant to alienate us from the Arrowverse, but because a lot of the other shows are sadly no longer going to be on the air, it felt like the right thing to do.”

Superman & Lois Season 3 premiers as part of The CW’s midseason schedule in 2023.

The series also stars Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent and the Man of Steel, Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, Alexander Garfin as Jordan Kent, Erik Valdez as Kyle Cushing, Inde Navarrette as Sarah Cushing, Wolé Parks as The Stranger, Adam Rayner as Morgan Edge, Dylan Walsh as General Samuel Lane, and Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang Cushing.

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