Suicide Squad’s Viola Davis Picks Batman in “Dawn of Justice”



A few days ago saw Zack Snyder ask fans to choose their side for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Now Suicide Squad‘s Viola Davis (Amanda Waller) weighs in on the debate and chooses Batman.

“You’re asking a girl. A girls love Batman. They love Batman,” Davis offered to Empire Magazine. “You ask any woman, ‘Batman or Superman?’ It’s always going to be Batman. It’s the mask. It’s the muscles. It’s the car. Come on, it’s the Batmobile. The Batcave! Batman, man. Batman is hot. Superman needs a car. And the tights don’t work for me.”

It probably should be noted Batman does appear in Suicide Squad (probably doesn’t make a difference, though).

Empire also caught up with Jake Gyllenhaal (up to play Batman at one time), Matt Damon and Amy Schumer. See their picks below.

“Batman Vs. Superman” has a March 25, 2016 release; “Suicide Squad” hits August 5th.