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Suicide Squad 2 Delayed

Matt McGloin Posted: 04/17/2018 - 18:13 COMMENT
Suicide Squad 2 Delayed

It's learned Suicide Squad 2 has apparently been delayed.

While it was thought Suicide Squad 2 would start filming some time this year, reportedly the movie has been moved back in favor of the recently announced Margot Robbie solo film based on Birds of Prey.

The info comes from a reporter for Variety via Twitter:

"BREAKING: Cathy Yan tapped to direct BIRDS OF PREY, the next Harley Quinn pic which will shoot at the end of the year. WB pic this as the next pic after Christina Hodson blew execs away with her script," Justin Kroll tweeted. "As for SUICIDE SQUAD 2, clearly moving out of 2018 shoot. The move to go with BOP not only had a lot to do with Hodson's script but also the idea of doing with BATGIRL what Marvel did with Black Panther in CIVIL WAR by introducing them into universe before giving them own film."

It also recently became known that Will Smith is set to start on Bad Boys 3 soon, so the news of Suicide Squad 2's delay really shouldn't be that surprising.

Bad Boys 3 could have obviously caused the Suicide Squad 2 delay as Will Smith plays Deadshot, or on the contrary, with Suicide Squad 2 getting delayed for Harley Quinn, it opened up Will Smith for BB3. 

Regardless, look for Suicide Squad 2, directed by Gavin O'Connor, to film in 2019 after Bad Boys 3 and the Harley Quinn movie.

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