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Suicide Squad 2: Dave Bautista Bane Fan Art

Suicide Squad 2: Dave Bautista Bane Fan Art

With the news that James Gunn is tackling Suicide Squad 2, Dave Bautista tweeted out that he wants in, so who better for the WWE Superstar to play than Bane!

It was announced that James Gunn is writing Suicide Squad 2 with an eye to direct, which will be a brand new take on the DC property.

While the character of Bane was played by Tom Hardy in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, the version wasn’t really like the comic book counterpart.

In the comics, Bane was a prisoner since childhood who trained himself to be a killing machine and “king” of the prison. Bane eventually hears about the Batman and unwillingly undergoes an experiment where he is subjected to a “Venom” steroid which gives him huge amounts of strength. Bane eventually makes his way to Gotham and breaks Batman’s back (long story short)!

Bane was also a member of Suicide Squad in the comics which saw them capture and exile criminals to a prison planet; however, Bane and the others were betrayed and sent to the prison planet as well. Bane aligned himself with none other than Lex Luthor and became his personal bodyguard along with Deadshot! Bane even prevented Martian Manhunter from escaping!

It is assumed James Gunn’s version of Suicide Squad 2 will go with new characters, so casting Dave Bautista as Bane and having the story in part set on a prison planet sounds right up Gunn’s alley.

Fans are pretty psyched about the possibility as well. Check out some cool Dave Bautista Bane fan art:


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