Star Wars Resistance: Fans Not Happy

Fans Not Happy With Star Wars Resistance

Today saw Disney release the first trailer for the new Star Wars Resistance animated series, but once again, a lot of fans aren’t happy.

Currently on Disney’s YouTube channel, the Star Wars Resistance trailer has more dislikes to likes, with over 4k thumbs down to 3.3k thumbs up.

“And I thought, rebels was for kids…” one YouTuber responded in the comments, which has near 300 likes of its own.

“Why is the animation always so crappy for the Star Wars animated series??? ” another fan remarks.

“This is how you know Disney can’t make a good Star Wars show that appeals to all audience ages like there’s more dislikes than likes,” a third YouTuber commented.

Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars Resistance

Hitting up Reddit sees similar comments.

“It’ll have to grow on me. Not a big fan of the voice acting on the main character, way too childish. Also seems to slapstick for Star Wars? I don’t know,” a Redditor posted.

A Redditor does mention the show is aimed at young kids, with some commenting it could simply be a bad trailer.

“This did nothing for me, specially the animation style. I’ll still watch it for a few episodes since Rebels also took a while to be good, but so far I’m not impressed,” a Redditor said.

“Really poor trailer, but I don’t think it will necessarily be a bad show,” another Redditor added.

Check out Twitter, the jokes are already pouring in that Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson is involved. 

Some other reactions:

Watch the Star Wars Resistance trailer:

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