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Star Wars Fans Revolt: Oscars Remove Kathleen Kennedy YouTube Comments

Star Wars Fans Revolt: Oscars Remove Kathleen Kennedy YouTube Comments

There is a disturbance in The Force. Again.

If you ever needed evidence that fans aren’t happy with Star Wars, well, now you have it as the Oscars have removed thousands of comments and disabled the likes and dislikes capability on a video featuring Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

The Oscars posted a video on Tuesday, “Kathleen Kennedy | 2021 Scientific and Technical Awards,” which features Kennedy offering that “women are helping to redefine science and technology in the movies and that means a brave bold future without limits for each and every storyteller.”

Star Wars fans responded to the video in droves as it follows the news of Kathleen Kennedy firing Gina Carano.

Screenshots of the Oscars’ YouTube page show that the video received a massive 10k dislikes before the feature was turned off.

Likewise, the comment section was lit up with Star Wars fans who weren’t happy that Kennedy’s comments come off as hypocritical.

“BREAKING: Kathleen Kennedy and The Oscars have just disabled and erased over 6,000 comments that were posted as a response to her highly unpopular Fake Feminist YouTube video. How long before they also make those 10,000 dislikes disappear?” Twitter user and YouTuber Price of Reason tweeted Wednesday.

Sure enough, checking the video does reveal the 10k dislikes and over 6k comments have been removed by the Oscars:

Oscars Kathleen Kennedy YouTube

Star Wars fans are canceling Disney Plus

Following Gina Carano getting fired, who revealed she learned about her dismissal on social media, fans took to Twitter to voice how they have been canceling the Disney Plus streaming service which trended for a time.

It also recently became known that Hasbro has canceled the Gina Carano Cara Dune action figures thought to be because Carano got fired from Star Wars as Hasbro only has canceled production on the Cara Dune figures.

Carano has since signed a movie deal with Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire.