Exclusive: ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ Returns For ‘Rise of Skywalker’


Comic-Con exclusive! I’m currently in San Diego and have been told that A New Hope returns for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Sorry, I can’t reveal specifics about the scene/scenes otherwise my source/sources would be exposed, but as I recently teased on Twitter, hopefully, it’s done well because what I have been told is something really cool and something that fans should be happy about.

Star Wars A New Hope

New Hope will be featured in Rise of Skywalker

Elements from A New Hope definitely have something to do with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. I suppose I can tease that it’s related to Luke or Darth Vader or maybe both. There have actually already been rumors about Luke and Vader having some sort of flashback scene/s in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, so perhaps what I have been told ties into that. Another possibility is that it has ties to the Emperor. I will say it does tie into the Dark Side. Again, can’t reveal specifics otherwise my source would be found out. Sorry.

Fans hate Star Wars The Last Jedi

Everyone hates The Last Jedi

Also while attending Comic-Con, I’ve talked with insiders within the industry about Star Wars as well as a bunch of fans. The general consensus is that everyone hates what Rian Johnson did with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Kathleen Kennedy is getting the blame, too. Not one person that I have talked to liked the flick. I actually had an hour-long conversation with my uber driver about it (lol) where he was ranting about it the entire time.

Abrams fixing Star Wars

Abrams fixing Star Wars

While chatting with insiders, it’s also thought that J.J. Abrams is indeed attempting to make right what Rian Johnson did wrong with The Last Jedi in Rise of Skywalker, hence why the scene/s and A New Hope is somehow included in the movie. As has previously been reported, Abrams also seems to be fixing the Finn and Rey relationship as well as Luke Skywalker (again, which looks to tie into the info I have been told). The consensus is that if Disney and Abrams can’t get Rise of Skywalker right that the franchise is in big, big trouble as fans will continue to leave in droves. It’s “do or die” time.

Galaxys edge

Galaxy’s Edge is dead

I also chatted with an insider about Galaxy’s Edge who has access to the park whenever he/she wants, basically. The person has been there many times and confirms it’s “dead.” The person agreed with my thinking that a major factor why the park is not busy is because prior to Galaxy’s Edge opening, Disney jacked the ticket prices. The fact is, it’s expensive. In addition, only half of Galaxy’s Edge is open, as Rise of the Resistance is still being built and its completion date was actually pushed back until next year. As a result of no one visiting the park, Disney has now given the option to “bring a friend” at a discounted rate, but it’s still rather expensive (I believe $99). The person did say the park is really cool and fun.

Star Wars

Fans still love Star Wars

I’ll finish by offering that people do still love Star Wars, it’s just that Disney hasn’t been giving fans what they want, which is the reason for all the backlash. If Disney would simply make the fans happy (not a hard thing to do) instead of pushing their PC agenda – another huge reason for the backlash – Star Wars would be a huge success. Let’s hope that Abrams can get things right in December.

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