Stan Lee & Joe Quesada Respond To David Ayer “F’ Marvel”


stan lee joe quesada david ayer fckmarvel

The premiere of Suicide Squad saw director David Ayer get a little worked up as he echoed a fan who yelled out, “F’ Marvel!”

Ayer quickly took to Twitter to offer an apology.

Word of the Marvel f-bomb has now reached the likes of none other than Stan Lee, as well as Marvel Comics chief creative officer Joe Quesada.

Regarding the latter, Quesada tweeted out everything’s good.

“Hey Marvel faithful I know you’re upset but cut @DavidAyerMovies a break, it was all in good fun. Can’t wait to see SS, best of luck David!”

Likewise, Stan Lee didn’t seem to upset by the comment (via CBM), which also saw Stan Lee link to his infamous “Stan Le F**k You” rant.

“Hey @DavidAyerMovies – Don’t feel too bad about dropping the f bomb. It’s a compliment of the highest order!” Lee said.