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No Spider-Man, X-Men At CinemaCon

No Spider-Man, X-Men At CinemaCon

It’s being reported that Sony and possibly also Fox Studios will be skipping out on the upcoming CinemaCon, an annual convention held in Las Vegas where movie studios promote their upcoming releases, which means no Spider-Man or X-Men previews.

While Sony has Men in Black InternationalSpider-Man: Far From Home and Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time coming out this year, they have opted not to showcase the films at April’s CinemaCon.

It’s also said Fox Studios appears not to be bringing any of their upcoming movies (which includes X-Men: Dark Phoenix) to CinemaCon in light of the looming Disney-Fox merger. It’s noted since Fox is on the verge of being bought by Disney that Fox could also scrap a standalone presentation, as their films fold into Disney.

This year’s CinemaCon takes place April 1-4 where it is held at the giant Colosseum at Caeser’s Palace. Movie Studios normally debut exclusive footage with execs and the stars taking to the stage.

Sony and Fox haven’t officially announced they are not appearing at CinemaCon, and presently, Fox and Sony are still listed as “industry partners” on the CinemaCon website

(via THR)