Spider-Man Talks May Be Happening Between Sony & Marvel



Yesterday saw news that Amy Pascal had stepped down as co-chairman of Sony Pictures with it said Pascal was going on to be a part of a new production venture and producer on future Amazing Spider-Man movies.

Now in Variety‘s own report about Pascal’s departure, it’s mentioned the biggest decision for Pascal is how to handle the Spider-Man franchise, which did less than what was hoped as Sony thinks Spider-Man should be a billion dollar movie franchise.

While the report appears to just provide speculation as no sources are cited, it does note the plan to go forward with Sinister Six as a way to expand the Spider-Man franchise may need to be re-examined, as when Pascal was head of Sony movies, she was pursuing that path. 

It’s stated in the article the new Sony regime may decide to return to the negotiation table with Marvel over Spider-Man’s rights.

Yesterday’s report did see mention by Pascal that the next two years of plans were already slated, so whatever could become of Spider-Man may already be set.

It’s also possible a deal with Marvel could already have gone through, and we are just waiting on the big announcement (Comic-Con?).