Spider-Man Marvel Deal Said To Have Gone Through



A new report has hit the net stating, again, that Spider-Man and Marvel are a done deal.

The latest comes from Latino Review who speculates at length about the future of the Marvel Studios movies.

Among their guess work is a tidbit that Spider-Man will be in Avengers: Infinity Wars Part 1.

Their report may contain a few spoilers, but it’s nothing you haven’t read on any of the fan message boards or heard before.

It’s also again stated that Andrew Garfield is out, and Marvel will be recasting Spider-Man.

Spider-Man first returning to Marvel became known through leaked Sony executive e-mails as a result of a hack by North Korea.

The hacked e-mails revealed that Marvel and Sony have been in talks for Spider-Man to possibly be featured in Captain America: Civil War. It was revealed Marvel wanted a new actor as Spider-Man in addition to a new costume. Sony would still retain certain rights and would be able to create standalone Spider-Man movies of their own. Further e-mails revealed that if Spider-Man did go back to Marvel, Sony would fast-track a new Spider-Man movie following Captain America 3.

It was also reported that Sony was holding a Spider-Man Summit this month to finalize the details.

Neither Sony nor Marvel have commented on Spider-Man as of yet.

Update: Sony has stated the rumor has “no validity whatsoever.”

Update #2: A possible Spider-Man Avengers Infinity War teaser has surfaced.