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Sony May Have Teased Tom Holland For Venom Movie

Matt McGloin Posted: 02/08/2018 - 00:52 COMMENT
Sony May Have Teased Tom Holland For Venom Movie

With the Venom trailer getting released later today (Thursday), fans are expecting a whole lot from the movie starring Tom Hardy.

It's been rumored that Tom Holland is going to appear as Peter Parker in the Venom movie (but not as Spidey).

Earlier saw Sony release a new movie poster for Venom announcing the trailer would be released, with a fan questioning Sony on Twitter: "Tom Hardy and Tom Holland?"

The Sony twitter account replied back, "Tom."

So we see Sony didn't exactly say no to Tom Holland appearing in Venom, but decided to have a little fun as both Mr. Hardy and Mr. Holland are both named Tom.

According to the rumor, Tom Holland was spotted on the set of Venom for two days with it said he will appear as Peter Parker.

Check out the new Venom poster below.

Venom has an October 5, 2018 release date directed by Ruben Fleischer also starring Michelle Williams, Scott Haze, Jenny Slate and Riz Ahmed.