Snyder Cut Trailer Coming Tuesday


A new version of the Snyder Cut trailer of the Justice League movie will be released on Tuesday in addition to a short about the fan movement.

YouTuber Grace Randolph interviewed Snyder about his Justice League movie coming to HBO Max and asked if anything big is planned for this Tuesday which marks not only the three year anniversary of the release of the movie, but more importantly, the one year anniversary of the “Release the Snyder Cut” campaign started by fans.

Zack confirmed he has plans to release a new version of the Snyder Cut trailer on Tuesday, where he confirms it was recently taken down because of a music rights issue, and says he will do a live stream of the new trailer on the Vero app where he will break it down scene by scene.

Zack also says the Snyder Cut trailer has been tweaked, so we can expect something different from the trailer when it gets released on Tuesday.

Snyder Cut HBO max

Snyder Cut trailer will be a new tweaked version

While not set in stone, Snyder said to expect the live stream on the Vero app around 9 am PST on Tuesday and that he will confirm the start time on Twitter, so be sure to look for his tweet.

The new Snyder Cut trailer will be first shown on Vero and then be released on YouTube and such via HBO Max.

The live-stream will also feature a one minute or so short about the fan movement surrounding “Release the Snyder Cut.”

Zack also says he has plans soon to raffle something off from the film for charity. 

The Snyder Cut gets released on HBO Max in 2021.

Watch more below.

Zack Snyder talks Snyder Cut:

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