Scoop Confirmed: Daredevil: Born Again A Disaster

Insiders offer the series may be filled with lots of filler involving Matt Murdock, not the Man Without Fear.

Insiders offer the series may be filled with lots of filler involving Matt Murdock, not the Man Without Fear.

Scoop Confirmed: Daredevil: Born Again A Disaster

I’m officially marking another one of my Comic-Con scoops confirmed as recall I was told Daredevil: Born Again in its current form is a complete disaster.

Marvel insiders did fill me in that Kevin Feige is retooling Daredevil: Born Again to bring the series more in line with the popular Netflix show and move it away from the goofy She-Hulk portrayal, as fans have just had too much and are done with Feige’s goofy MCU as seen in Quantumania, Thor: Love and Thunder, She-Hulk, etc.

I was told the info in July during the strikes and when production on Daredevil: Born Again paused, so I was told once the strikes are over, is when Feige will get to work to fix the series (doubt me? just look at Secret Invasion).

Worth a mention is a recent listing on the U.S. Copyright Office by Marvel lists Daredevil: Born Again as premiering in 2025, so we see there is lots of time to fix things and it seems there are big delays.

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No Daredevil?

The latest news comes from the CanWeGetSomeToast Twitter account which claims episodes of Daredevil: Born Again will only feature Matt Murdock, and not Matt Murdock suited up as the Man Without Fear.

“There will be some episodes of Daredevil: Born Again where Matt does NOT suit up as Daredevil, at all,” states the account.

The reason? So Matt can work as a lawyer and help the citizens of NYC.

“He will be putting his all into ‘MURDOCK & ASSOCIATES’ to help New York and leave behind his life as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen… for now,” adds the account.

Update: The account released more info including there are corrupt cops involving Punisher’s skull logo.

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Lots of filler?

A fan remarked that not using Daredevil in episodes sounds like a lot of filler, which saw CanWeGetSomeToast compare things to Clark Kent and Superman.

“You don’t know what filler is lmao,” the account replied. “That’s like saying anything Clark Kent related in a Superman movie is filler, when it’s actually half his character.”

The fan shot back that Clark and Superman appear together.

“Wrong. A superman movie has both superman and clark that’s the character the duality of it. This is saying they’ll be eps only with Matt so that’s why I say filler,” says the fan.

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Not suiting up?

Another fan chimed in about the Netflix episodes: “Yes just like Daredevil S1-3, tons of episodes where he doesn’t suit up at all.”

CanWeGetSomeToast replied, “What’re you talking about lmao Seasons 1-3 had him wear a mask or a suit in every episode.”

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Going the cheap route?

I added my own thoughts on why they won’t be using Daredevil in that I am guessing it’s to save money on possible VFX and stunts.

With no Daredevil, obviously, that means no choreographed fight scenes or the need for special effects.

The series is 18 episodes long, so it looks like we’ll be watching Charlie Cox practicing law, which went really well in She-Hulk. Case dismissed?

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