Sara’s Resurrection & White Canary To Be Explained In Arrow Season 4



Why they ever decicided to kill off Caity Lotz is anybody’s guess, but at least she is coming back.

Now it’s confirmed Lotz’s return will first be told in Arrow Season 4 prior to her debut in the spinoff DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow as White Canary.

“The White Canary will be launched in the first few episodes of Arrow,” EP Marc Guggenheim recently made known at a press event. “4×08, our typical crossover episode, will be doing a lot of heavy-lifting in terms of getting the Legends of Tomorrow characters set up and also seeing where they are with relation to The Flash. It’s a big episode.”

Guggenheim also offered they will explain how Sara comes back.

“It’s going to be handled head-on,” Guggenheim added. “We’re doing a really great episode that really tackles the question of Sara, death and resurrection. On Arrow, nothing is easy, so it’s not as simple as dumping her in the water.”

It’s been stated that Sara comes back due to the healing properties of the Lazarus Pit, but exactly how it goes down remains to be scene as John Barrowman’s Malcolm Merlyn is the new Ra’s Al Ghul and is said to have “a strong point of view on” the matter.

“Arrow” Season 4 premiers Wednesday, October 7th.