Robert Pattinson Fakes Coronavirus; The Batman In Trouble

Matt McGloin Posted: 10/08/2020 - 17:32 COMMENT
Robert Pattinson Fakes Coronavirus; The Batman In Trouble

Two sources have come out and stated that there are big problems surrounding The Batman with claims that Robert Pattinson may have faked the coronavirus and that the actor is butting heads with director Matt Reeves which is causing massive issues with production.

Doomcock of the Overlord DVD YouTube channel was the first to claim that The Batman movie is in "deep trouble," with the Midnight's Edge YouTube channel confirming Doomcock's info through UK director and writer Gary J. Tunnicliffe who has worked on movies including X-Men: Origins Wolverine, Blade and who directed the recent Hellraiser: Judgment movie.

The gist of claims of the problems and trouble has to to with Robert Pattinson not wanting to work out which has led to a big conflict with director Matt Reeves, as Reeves feels the stuntmen used for filming will look a lot bigger than Pattinson, who was supposed to work out but has chosen not to.

Regarding Robert Pattinson and the coronavirus, it's claimed to be a cover story to cover that Reeves shut down production in order to give Pattinson time to work out, who refused yet again, with it further claimed Reeves now wants The Batman over and done with ASAP (the notion of the Hollywood trades providing a cover story for the studios is nothing new as confirmed by Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher).

It's also said stricter UK COVID protocols may cause further delays in filming.

Note: Warner Bros. recently gave Dune the Oct. 1, 2021 release date held by The Batman, and pushed back The Batman to March 4, 2022, which further suggests problems with production.

The Batman Robert Pattinson

The Batman production troubled; Robert Pattinson coronavirus a lie

"The Batman has long been known to be a troubled production," says Doomcock. "There have been multiple shutdowns, allegations of [coronavirus] infections on the set, whispers of problems with Robert Pattinson's attitude, in short, production of this film has been an absolute disaster... The Batman is in deep sh-t and may even be delayed again with another forced shutdown."

Doomcock explains that the recent lockdown gave Pattinson the opportunity to get into shape, but that Pattinson chose not to, and that sources filled him in that claims Robert Pattinson had the coronavirus is a lie.

"My source alleges that all of that was a lie. That Robert Pattinson being sick was a load of BS, a cover story to hide the real reason Matt Reeves wanted to shut the production down," says Doomcock. "When Pattinson showed up for the first day of shooting, the director took one look at him and lost his sh-t. Pattinson was supposed to be working out during the lockdown delay, and true to his tweet of May 12, he didn't do sh-t. The director then decided to shut down the production and he gave Pattinson four weeks to go work out and at least get toned. Obviously, if Batman is going to be fighting criminals he has to at the very least be fit, and Pattinson looked more like a junkie than a guy that rounds them up."

The Batman Robert Pattinson

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattison butting heads

Regarding director Matt Reeves, Doomcock's sources say that Pattinson recently returned to the set where it was obvious that he didn't work out, and that Reeves wasn't at all happy.

"Cut to Oct. 1," says Doomcock about what his sources told him, "'We got some info last night. Pattinson is back and during his absence, he still refused to work out. The director has thrown up his hands and is just going with it. The two stunt doubles are so much bigger than Pattinson that there is going to be no doubt when he is not in the suit. As Bruce Wayne, he looks like a stick. This could be a one and done movie. Pattinson is a pain to work with. He whines about the suit, it's hot, it's tight, etc. At this point, the director just wants to get the movie done and move on.'"

Doomcock continues: "So according to this source, someone with direct knowledge of the production, Pattinson has ground director Matt Reeves down. Pattinson looks ridiculous in the role. The stuntmen are much bigger than he is, so it looks like Batman is going to grow and shrink throughout the movie. Reeves knows this is a problem but apparently, he just wants to get this albatross of a movie off his neck, if these rumors are true."

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The Batman filming may be delayed again

Doomcock goes on to offer that sources have filled him in that "getting The Batman finished may be much harder than anyone thought" as the UK may shut things down again and is requiring even further stringent measures be taken on set regarding COVID protocol that involves limiting the hours, limiting the number of people on set, the mandate of wearing masks, and that if the protocols aren't followed, they could face fines and jail time.

Doomcock now says that Reeves and The Batman are scouting for places to continue filming and may leave the UK.

The Batman Robert Pattinson

Hollywood writer and director Gary J. Tunnicliffe confirms The Batman Robert Pattinson rumors

"All I heard was that there were definitely tensions between Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson," said Tunnicliffe. "That [Pattinson] was being quite difficult to work with. The person I had spoken to, they almost suggested that the situation was that... Because I said, 'I hear you shut down due to COVID,' and they said, 'It's not COVID that shut us down.' Then I said, 'Oh, is it something else?' I said, 'Is it your lead actor?' And they were like, 'Maybe' [laughs]."

Tunnicliffe also talked about the rumors of Pattinson not wanting to work out.

"And then of course I heard from somebody else that the rumor was that Matt Reeves was visibly shocked at the size of Robert Pattinson and that he was worried that his stunt people were considerably larger than him. So then obviously I looked into it and the others rumor I saw kind of circulating were that there had been an issue about working out and bulking up and everything else," said Tunnicliffe.

Gary J. Tunnicliffe did go on to explain that actors causing problems is nothing new and said Robert Downey Jr. caused problems while filming Iron Man, as well as Wesley Snipes while filming Blade, but in regards to Robert Pattinson sticking around as Batman, he made the point of stating that if the box office is where they want it to be, Pattinson will continue on as Batman.

"If Matt Reeves is having those [nasty] situations with Pattinson, it can make for very ugly filmmaking, and the stuff I did hear was that was the case and Matt Reeves just wanted to get the thing finished and get it done and get out of there," said Tunnicliffe.