Robert Englund Would Do Freddy vs Michael Myers; Dream Warriors Returning For Reboot?



Update: Robert Englund says he won’t play Freddy again.


Last we heard about the Nightmare On Elm Street reboot was a couple months ago with it said the franchise will start over with a fresh new take on Freddy Krueger worthy of the 1984 Wes Craven original.

Now while attending the recent London Comic-Con, originally Freddy, Robert Englund, drops some gossip.

Englund stated he heard Tuesday Knight is wanted for the reboot. Knight is the actress that replaced Patricia Arquette in Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Arquette’s character, Kristen Parker, was the heroine in Nightmare In Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors that had the ability to pull people into her dreams. Together with some of other teens targeted by Freddy, Kristen and her Dream Warriors took on Freddy with the help of Nancy, killing the crispy child killer. Part 4 would eventually see Kristen killed at the hands of Freddy, but not without murmurings of a resurrection.

Is it possible the Freddy reboot will incorporate some of the Dream Warrior storyline? Of course it’s simply possible that Tuesday Knight is wanted for a new role.

Interestingly enough, Robert Englund did say he would do a Nighmare On Elm Street Part 9, a prequel or even a Freddy Vs. Michael Myers movie. Englund also offered up a “Nightmare in the Hood” might be worthwhile.

“Well, I’d like to see ‘Nightmare in the Hood’! I would! I think it’d be really interesting to do a line of, like, retro 80’s hip hop ones and get a black actor to play “Freddy” and all the kids are, like, hip hop. Just do it the same!”

 “You don’t do remakes! I would do ‘Freddy 9’, you know? Or I would do ‘Freddy vs Michael Myers’. Or I would do a prequel.

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