‘Rings of Power’ Finally Comes Through With Epic Battle and Ratings

'Rings of Power' finally has an awesome episode and how does it compare to House of the Dragon?

'Rings of Power' Finally Comes Through With Epic Battle and Ratings

It took a long six episodes, but Amazon Prime Video’s Rings of Power finally comes through for fans with an epic battle and the ratings are sky high, too.

If you gave up on Rings of Power after the first couple of episodes, I suppose you can just skip to Episode 6, but I’ll say after today’s episode, it has been worth the wait.

'Rings of Power' Episode 6
‘Rings of Power’ Episode 6

Don’t give up on Rings of Power

Today’s epic featured an epic battle that is on par with the Peter Jackson movies and Game of Thrones. The fighting looked good as did the special effects and the ending was explosive.

Definitely worth a watch, and again, watch at least this episode, so tune in and give it a shot.

It’s also a good thing to know there are still two episodes left, as I was afraid they were saving the battle for the last episode and then leaving us hanging, but with two more episodes, things promise to pick up even further.

I bet after Episode 8, we’ll all be dying for more (no pun intended).

Rings of Power: Morfydd Clark As Galadriel
Rings of Power: Morfydd Clark As Galadriel

Rings of Power ratings are sky high

Nielsen also released its ratings for the week of August 29 to September 4 which includes the Rings of Power ratings for the first two episodes that were released on September 1.

As seen below, Rings of Power crushes everything including HBO’s Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon which at the time is three episodes into the series.

The first two episodes of Rings of Power were watched for 1.253 billion minutes, while the three episodes of House of the Dragon, for that week, were watched for 781 million minutes.

However, Deadline does report things aren’t quite as they seem with comparing the Rings of Power ratings to House of the Dragon, as these are streaming ratings we are talking about here, while House of the Dragon is also released on HBO through cable networks and such.

HBO has reported House of the Dragon episodes have been averaging 29 million viewers per episode, and it seems with every episode the viewership increases, and I also believe those are numbers only for North America.

While HBO first reported the premiere House of the Dragon episode was watched by 10 million in the U.S., Amazon officially reported 25 million for the Rings of Power premiere, but that was worldwide, so we see the discrepancy.

In addition, Samba TV also reported only 1.8 million households tuned into the Rings of Power premiere in the U.S., so we kind of see the numbers are all over the place.

I’ll say, I don’t think the numbers really matter for any of the shows as in the end, it’s the fans who are winning.

It’s actually kind of funny now, as I am liking the last couple of episodes of Rings of Power more than House of the Dragon, as HOTD went through a big time-jump which I’m on the fence about.

What do you guys think of the shows? Let us know in the comments below.

Nielsen Ratings: 'Rings of Power' and 'House of Dragon'
Nielsen Ratings: ‘Rings of Power’ and ‘House of Dragon’