Rian Johnson Tries To Defend Luke’s New Powers

Rian Johnson Tries To Defend Luke's New Powers

Fans aren’t happy with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and now director Rian Johnson gets involved with the heat on Twitter.

The latest problem fans have brought up regarding the movie is Luke Skywalker’s new Force powers in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which saw Luke project himself across the galaxy in order to trick and delay Kylo Ren and buy time for the Rebels.

Rian Johnson argues that Luke’s new powers are valid and references that the original trilogy introduced new Force powers as well: “force grabbing objects, force ghosts, even the jedi mind trick.”

The reason Johnson’s arguments told hold up is pretty simple in that George Lucas created Star Wars and first introduced Force powers in those movies. In addition, another Twitter user brings up a good point in that Luke’s new Star Wars: The Last Jedi Force powers were simply used as a (lazy) deus ex machine plot device. 

Star Wars Last Jedi Rian Johnson Luke Force Powers

Star Wars Last Jedi Rian Johnson Luke Force Powers

I find it pretty interesting as – similar to Phantom Menace – the more time progresses, the more and more people are realizing they really don’t like Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  People gushed about and loved Phantom Menace when it first came out – simply because it was new Star Wars – but now it’s one of the most despised of all the Star Wars movies, which is similar to Star Wars: The Last Jedi–the least liked of all the Star Wars movie on Rotten Tomatoes.

I’ll also never understand why Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy decided to take such a drastic take and different direction on the Star Wars mythos with The Last Jedi. I don’t know if it’s an ego thing on the part of Johnson where he can’t accept not doing his own thing (like a lot of Hollywood directors), or just that Kathleen Kennedy wanted to dumb down Star Wars for the current generation. 

I’m actually pleased by the response Star Wars fans have had to The Last Jedi, and it has renewed my faith in that everyone isn’t a mindless zombie following the masses. 

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