Review: X-Men Legacy #247


The facade has begun to crumble on the world of Age of X, but Carey’s epic tale still stands stronger than ever!

The penultimate issue of Carey and Mann’s thunderous take on an alternate reality for Marvel’s “Merry Mutants,” answers questions, while exposing the secrets that have been driving this tale from the very beginning. A certain Professor has awaken from his induced slumber and the true threat to the mutants of this world emerges from the shadows to lay waste to them all. Will our heroes be able to realize who they truly are before they cease to exist? Only Carey knows for sure, while the rest of us are forced to sit on the edge of our seats.

This has been one of the smartest X stories I have read in years. Although not too difficult to unravel the knots Carey strategically wove into his tale, it has been unique and intriguing with every turn of the page. He has made each character fresh and completely engrossing, as well as craft a complete world for them to interact in. Other writers have not accomplished that feat on books they have worked on for years, let alone in less than six issues. Mann’s art helps solidify Carey’s tale as one of the best collaborations in recent years. Not only a master of drawing beautiful physical forms, he crafts his own tale within Carey’s, that only helps to heighten the written word. This team has been a perfect match for such an engrossing story, and we the reader get to sit back and reap the rewards.

Revelations abound in this issue, ones that will have serious ramifications when our characters return to their proper place in their proper reality. Will the X heroes be able to stand together as a legion or be torn apart by one?  I can’t wait to see where Carey takes us from here!