Review: Swamp Thing #7


Swamp Thing is a character that has a certain aura about it. Never a forerunner for DC, it was always a cult classic, something hidden from the mainstream — something secret. It was that same sense of taboo that let creators open their minds up to new possibilities for the character, the shackles of bigger named characters never restrained their work.  They were free to create a vast array of situations, ones that challenged the status quo. And so, in the eyes of many, he was a character that surpassed his more well known brethren.

But now, in the capable hands of Scott Snyder, Swamp Thing and it’s fans no longer need to stay a secret. The playing field has been leveled and Swamp Thing has emerged as the quintessential book to read every month! The legend of what was, has now become a legend in it’s own time!

Swamp Thing #7 brings Alec Holland’s quest to stop the Rot to a drastic conclusion. The Parliament of Trees has been torn apart, dying, they curse Alec for his indecision and save him long enough to prolong his own death. But it is not out of mercy that they stave off his attackers, they only extend his life in order to extend his agony. How did things go so wrong and how will they be rectified? The only thing left to change the course of the inevitable — war!

Disturbing and yet wholly satisfying, Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette have created a utopia of the macabre! A wretched symphony of story and art that will completely assault and astound you! I am so pleased that DC had the foresight to open up genres again that challenged the status quo of “super hero” comics. Snyder and Paquette have created a book that, without a doubt, will go down as one of the classics in comic history. It is so visceral, moving and appalling at the same time, challenging the reader to diversify their tastes of what “normal” books can be. 

Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire are on a collision course against the Rot! The Swamp Thing and Animal Man crossover is looming before us and it all begins here!