Review: Stan Lee’s The Traveler #10


Remember when Stan Lee wrote those great scripts where two heroes meet, battle it out and then team up to fight the real bad guy? Well, that excitement is back again this month in Stan Lee's The Traveler #10. For awhile.

The brief but exciting battle between the Traveler and Solider Zero was almost the only part I enjoyed of this current issue. After the battle I was ready for a great comic, but then … nothing.

Thus far, this BOOM! Studios cosmic crossover of the Stan Lee properties has been anything but cosmic and is just now becoming a crossover, as the characters actually meet and interact.

The script by writers Mark Waid and Tom Peyer just fails to carry the excitement and intrique a reader expects here, as the Traveler discovers how his own origins may indeed be responsible for Earth’s life-clock ticking its way down to zero.

The Inheritors, great creations in the Lee cosmic vein, are barely used here to fruition, but I must say the art of Chad Hardin and the vivid colors by Blond did improve the read.

We either need to pick up the pace here, use interludes to tell exposition or just have a fun issue as the Lee cosmic properties blast the hell out of the Inheritors.

None of that is happening in Traveler #10 – especially the fun!