Review: Harbinger #10


Peter Stancheck and his rag tag band of psiots have been compromised, beaten and imprisoned by Project Rising Spirit, but everything will be alright as long as you have Faith!

A blitzkrieg of action awaits you in this weeks Harbinger #10, the precursor to Harbinger Wars (on sale 4/3) that is going to set the Valiant Universe ablaze in it’s first crossover! The battle lines have been drawn and Peter’s crew are up against insurmountable odds, it will take everything they have in order to survive the battle and one of them will rise to the challenge in order to save them all!

Joshua Dysart is a master of melding characterization heavy stories with a bevy of action sequences in order to make one of the best comics every month! It is superbly done, rich in the development of not just the main character -Peter Stancheck- but every character brought into the book. From Flamingo, Faith, Torque, Kris Hathaway and even the pathetically manipulated Mr.Tull, Dysart breathes life into every nuance of them making the entire read a true glimpse into their destructive world. He weaves in fragility into the very essence of these powerful creations, giving them a subtlety and believability rarely seen in comics today. They are massive and weak, beautiful yet scarred, outgoing and cripplingly shy, influential and covertly influenced and broken yet godlike.

These characters resonate with readers because we can empathize with them, we are them on a base level and we want them to dominate their world. That’s exactly what this issue is about. Overcoming those things that have been holding you down, breaking free of the restraints both literally and metaphorically in order to truly live. Plus, it is such a thrill ride of bombastic action that you can’t help but get amped up for what’s next!