Review: Comic Book Men: Season 1 Finale: Episode 6: Ink


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:954:]]It’s the end of the road Cosmic Book Men! At least for this season….

We’re back for the Season Finale! The score thus far for Season 1: the Jersey Boys are 2 wins – 3 losses.  Will tonights season finale get them back to 500? Will we get Empire or Menace?! With expectations high after watching Hugo and The Walking Dead Season Finale back-to-back — mee-sa am watch-ee da saysone final-ee!!

In walks a girl whom is very, very out of her element doing a wonderful thing”‰—”‰looking for a gift for her husband…in a comic shop (..ahem…hey wife..if you actually read this take note..).  And Walt shows us he’s a hopeless romantic by directing the young lady to some classic Spidey tales of love lost. We then set the stage for this week’s hijinks – tattoo’s for all <sigh> – hopefully this bodes well. Back at the stash, the guys have the will to turn down an overpriced lantern.

Time for the tattoo idea round table: Walt goes satanic; Ming gets talked out of Robinson’s Starman and sets his sights on the family crest; Mike plans on a superman tramp stamp accompanying his wife’s name, and Bryan has the idea of his niece, as a zombie, riding a tricycle. Definitely not the most popular idea at the table.

Back at the Stash, Walt proves he’s not a Barbie girl. But, Bryan decides his niece may really like them.  And with a single picture, we get a glimpse of a big heart behind that big ole beard. Cut to tattoo interlude as we pick things back up at the tattoo parlor with the guys prepping, well, at least 3 of them — minus Walt. Tattoo time! The 3 Amigos get inked and plan their verbal revenge on Walt. That big rotten chicken!

Pawn Store time once again with a mixed bundle of comics, we learn a bit about comics, and witness borderline “creepy uncle” assault. The next day, Walt walks in and and reveals his evil ink laden plan to trick the guys into getting tattoos while he is scot-free. The tats are revealed, and we get the full view of of that big bearded heart as Bryan reveals his tattoo to his wonderful niece.

After a weak start to the season, we end the back half season strong. Even after all my ranting and raving I’m willing to give this show my continued support, and we can only hope they ink a deal for Season 2.