Review/Recap: The Walking Dead Season Two Finale (Spoilers)


*Warning: Spoilers*


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:953:]]We start off days, weeks or months before the moment Carl shoots Shane!

We are in Atlanta, and overhead can be heard the whirling of a helicopter’s blades!

The noise attracts a Walker! Then two and three!

A Zombie horde has begun to form! And off they are in the direction of the farm!

The plague of living dead makes its way past the infamous highway of doom, where little Sophia first disappeared.

Through the woods they now roam, it is dark, and still more and more zombies are joining the group.


A new sound is heard. And their attention turns.  Rick and Carl are their intended targets, of course, unaware of the threat coming their way!

Carl asks his father what happened with Shane, but Rick seems at a loss for words. However, Rick now has something else to worry him as he realizes the Zombies are ever present!

The other members of the farm are together in the house and see something wicked this way coming! Where is Rick?! Where is Carl!

It’s time to get IT ON!

Rick and Carl make way to the barn where they attempt to draw the Walkers away from the house by way of fire.

The group gets their vehicles and begins a real zombie shoot ’em up fest!

Like a spirit of vengeance, Daryl Dixon rides through the night! No Zombie is safe as Daryl makes his way through the horde by way of motorcycle!

However, there are just too damn many!

Rick and Carl are trapped in the barn, when Hershel’s son, Jimmy, takes the RV to pick them up, per Daryl’s orders. We’ll call him Red Shirt #1! Rick and Carl hop on top the RV when Jimmy gets overwhelmed and eaten alive!

Meanwhile, Hershel is defending his farm. Bam! Bam! Zombies are going down one by one! But, again, too many!

It is almost the end for Carol as she is trapped, but then her knight in shining armor comes to her rescue — Daryl Dixon!

Andrea is there trying to help as well, shoots a zombie right in the head, and then it falls upon her!

T-Dog thinks her to be a goner, and drives off with another of Hershel’s daughters. The other, Red Shirt #2, was previously taken from her sister’s hands into the welcoming mouths of the dead!

We are back to Hershel, and he is running low on ammo. Unbeknown to him a Walker is coming from behind. BAM! Rick makes the save! And off they go to the highway.

Eventually the surviving members of the group make their way to the highway as well, where they think Andrea to be lost, and off they go! They regroup for the night where some begin to break down. Rick’s leadership is in question — because he informs them that Dr. Jenner from the CDC said they are all infected! Not only that, Rick reveals he killed Shane, and why! He then offers them the door, as they almost panic to the sound of movement in the woods.

Speaking of the woods, we see that Andrea is still alive. The Zombies are in pursuit, her ammo is low and her odds do not look good! A zombie – or three – makes its way toward her! She is overwhelmed! The Zombies have finally got her!

Or so we are led to believe! But all hope is not lost!


A hooded woman makes her appearance on The Walking Dead! It’s Michonne! With two zombies in tow! They are in chains sans their arms!

From there, the camera pans out and we see in the distance — the prison!

See. You. Next. Season!


Great episode! Daryl Dixon was awesome! No complaints from me for this episode. I think in the comics the zombies in the barn chased them away, but the way it went down here seemed to be a bit better, IMO. Rick telling the group my way or the highway more reminds me of Rick in recent issues of TWD. I think they are progressing his character a bit quicker on the television series, for obvious reasons. Also with Rick killing Shane, this made the group less trusting of his leadership; however, as we saw, he said if you don’t like it, there’s the door. So that could be wrapped up right there.

The ending was awesome! Michonne and the prison! Wow. Next season can’t get here quick enough. 

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Robert Kirkman also announced on The Talking Dead that Danai Gurira is the actress playing Michonne!

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