Rebel Moon Part 2 Rotten Tomatoes Is Even Worse Than Part 1

Early reviews are in and the Rotten Tomatoes Score is the worst for a Zack Snyder film.

rebel moon part 2 rotten tomatoes score

The first batch of initial reviews for Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Part 2 have hit Rotten Tomatoes and if you can believe it, they are even worse than Part 1.

With 32 reviews currently accounted for, the Rebel Moon Part 2 Rotten Tomatoes Score is at 13%.

The Rebel Moon Part 2 Audience Score is also lower than Part 1, currently coming in at 47%.

Update: The score is now at 18% with 61 reviews; Audience Score is at 45%.

Part 1 has a Rotten Tomatoes score from the critics of only 21%, and the Audience Score is at 57%. As I went over in my Part 1 review, the movie is awful, and I am dreading watching Part 2. I can’t even begin to think of watching the 6-hour or whatever cut as well.

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Lowest Rotten Tomatoes Score for a Zack Snyder film

The 13% Rotten Tomatoes Score for Rebel Moon Part 2 is also the lowest score for any Zack Snyder film, even lower than Sucker Punch, which is at 22% and Batman vs Superman‘s 29%.

It’s mind-boggling how bad Rebel Moon is, and it’s hard to believe Zack Snyder or anyone in Snyder’s camp didn’t realize it. Do they care? Ditto with Netflix: There’s not one exec who watched it and said the flick is complete garbage? Do they think the fans are that stupid? Guess so.

zack snyder directing rebel moon

What do the negative reviews say?

Via the Top Critics, here is what a selection of the negative reviews offer:

Zack Snyder’s “Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver” descends further into a black hole of nothingness. -Deadline

Frequently off-kilter and sluggish, overwhelmed by dust and devoid of a real sense of place. – Inverse

Still, walking so dedicatedly in the shadow of Star Wars, Rebel Moon cannot shine. – Mashable

Set to Tom Holkenborg’s bombastic score, Gregorian chanting, and endless pew-pew-pews, Rebel Moon—Part Two: The Scargiver roars and rampages, yet its drama can’t match its aesthetic pomposity. – Daily Beast

Even if a superior version of ‘Rebel Moon’ does come out eventually, that doesn’t make these versions any better, and they’re the only versions we have right now. – The Wrap

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