Ray Fisher Out As Cyborg In ‘The Flash’


Ray Fisher is apparently done playing Cyborg – at least when it comes to The Flash movie – which follows controversial comments made by the actor in regards to the head of DC films, Walter Hamada.

Last week Wednesday saw Ray Fisher tweet out that he won’t be involved with any movies associated with Hamada:

Walter Hamada is the most dangerous kind of enabler. His lies, and WB PR’s failed Sept 4th hit-piece, sought to undermine the very real issues of the Justice League investigation. I will not participate in any production associated with him. A>E

Now YouTuber Grace Randolph offers Fisher is getting replaced in The Flash:

Here’s some MORE #DCEU tea… they’re auditioning actors this month to take over the role of #Cyborg in #Flashpoint and Andy Muschietti is heading up the search.

I’d like to add that I think this is a huge mistake. If there are problems with Fisher that can’t be worked out, that’s unfortunate. But there are plenty of great DC characters of color that could be used instead. Recasting is a really bad idea and will haunt this film.

Update: It’s claimed Ray Fisher and Cyborg have been written out of The Flash.

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Ray Fisher Cyborg Justice League

Ray Fisher returns as Cyborg in the Snyder Cut of Justice League

Fisher also tweeted on Saturday:

Some folks out there think it’s cool to belittle food service workers in an attempt to mock my speaking out about Walter Hamada, Joss Whedon, Toby Emmerich, Geoff Johns, and Jon Berg. There is ZERO shame in keeping people fed. I’d go back to food service in a heartbeat.

This past Summer saw Ray Fisher accuse Joss Whedon, Geoff Johns, and Jon Berg of poor treatment on the set of the Justice League movie, including that Johns threatened his career.

Last month saw WarnerMedia announce that the Justice League investigation has been wrapped up.

“WarnerMedia’s investigation into the Justice League movie has concluded and remedial action has been taken,” WB said in a statement.

Fisher will next appear as Cyborg in the Snyder Cut of the Justice League movie coming to HBO Max this year.