Ray Fisher Requests New Justice League Investigator


Ray Fisher has requested a new investigator for the ongoing Justice League investigation into claims director Joss Whedon and producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg were responsible for poor treatment of the cast on the set.

The request follows the article by The Wrap which claims that the investigator was hired by parent company WarnerMedia and not Warner Bros. Pictures, which is opposite what Fisher is claiming, as Fisher says the investigator was hired by and reports only to Warner Bros. Pictures and not WarnerMedia, meaning the investigator is not impartial and is on the side of WB films.

“Due to the purposeful lack of transparency (and in some cases blatant lies) on the part @wbpictures and the 3rd-party firm hired by them to investigate Justice Leagueβ€”an official request for a change of investigator has been made of @WarnerMedia,” tweeted Fisher Thursday. “So as to protect the witnesses involved and the information they possess, I strongly encourage ANY and ALL that have been contacted by the current investigator to respectfully decline to interview until a truly independent 3rd-party is engaged by @WarnerMedia.”

Ray Fisher Justice League Cyborg

Ray Fisher vs WB Pictures

So if we assume The Wrap article was spoon-fed official comments from Warner Bros. Pictures about the investigator, and Fisher is claiming otherwise about the investigator, obviously there is a big conflict, so it does make sense for Fisher to request a new investigator, where we can assume his team can vouge for the new investigator’s true independence, that is unless WarnerMedia officially responds, and says the investigator is independent.

The Wrap article also insinuated the real reason Ray Fisher went on his Twitter attacks is because Fisher is unhappy with his small Cyborg cameo role in The Flash and also that the once-planned Cyborg movie has been canceled.

Fisher did offer that due to him publicly coming out with his allegations that Warner Bros. Pictures would use the Hollywood trade shill sites to write hit pieces on him, so bear that in mind.

Worth a mention is that Jason Momoa has backed up Fisher’s claims, but Momoa hasn’t come out and said anything specific.

Among the allegations, Fisher has said Geoff Johns threatened his career and gloated about casting a new Cyborg.