‘Powerpuff’ Script Leaks Revealing Epic Disaster Of A Series


Yesterday saw the word that The CW had canceled the Powerpuff series in its present form, and now an alleged script has leaked online revealing just how bad things are about the show.

The script, which is based on a kid’s cartoon, is filled with lesbian relationships, leaks of nude pics, anti-male jokes, politics, and more.

As I said yesterday, it’s unknown why The CW decided to ax the current pilot and decide to retool the series, but the earlier synopsis released didn’t help things as it spits in the face of the cartoon (just as the leaked script does): “Now they’re disillusioned twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhood to crime-fighting.”

Regarding the script, if legit, now we know why Powerpuff has to be completely overhauled, but what is alarming is that the series actually got so far as it did, and what is also alarming is that the show’s writers and executive producers are doing the rewrite, Diablo Cody and Heather Regnier.

“Powerpuff Girls” is currently trending on Twitter due to the leak. Check out details below.

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Powerpuff leaked script details:

According to the leaks which are all over social media, the Powerpuff script contains the following dialogue and scenes:

Makes mention they are trying to wake up Blossom and if she doesn’t wake up, they will leak her nudes which worked once before.

Bubbles makes mention that she saw on social media that Blossom got a promotion and still talks to her grandpa despite their political differences and coming back is triggering for her and that she killed moveon.org.

Bubbles says they loved being Powerpuff Girls but sometimes they wanted to be something before and compares it to Dirty Dancing where Baby wanted to join the Peace Corps but also wanted to be a “fancy slut.” And that “her dad didn’t get it!”

Drake makes a joke the actor playing Baby’s dad, Jerry Orbach, was doing his best.

Bubbles tells her dad that she always believed in him even though he sold away their likenesses to “that cartoon” which “totally whitewashed us.”

Another scene features Blossom finding Buttercup in bed with a girl she had just met at the bar the night before where it says Blossom hears a “bumping sound from Buttercup’s room” and finds Buttercup in bed with Macy. It’s noted, “They’ve just ‘finished,” where the script places emphasis on “finished.” Buttercup questions Macy if they are done, with Macy replying six times is enough.

Buttercup says something about a “hate boner.” 

Some other scenes including making a joke about the video game “ToeJam & Earl,” and that it sucks.

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