Power Rangers Reboot Rumors: Woke, Female, LGBTQ Characters

Potential leaks offer Netflix may be taking 'The Last Jedi' approach to Tommy and the Power Rangers.

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Rumors surface for a reboot involving the Power Rangers on Netflix, which sounds woke as a majority of the team is said to be made up of female and LGBTQ characters.

Back in 2020, THR reported Jonathan Entwistle (Netflix’s It’s the End of the F—ing World and I’m Not Okay With This) is developing a new live-action Power Rangers show for Hasbro.

The reboot is said to be produced by Jenny Klein who produced Daisy Jones & The Six, The Thing About Pam, The Witcher, The Tick, Cloak & Dagger, and Jessica Jones.

power rangers reboot rumors

What are the rumors?

According to Twitter user Jinsakuu via The Legacy of Nerd YouTube channel, the new Power Rangers project will be a reboot set outside the normal Power Rangers universe, something like an “Elseworlds” Multiverse story.

The details include the working title for the show is simply “The Power Rangers” and that for the first time, the team will be mostly female characters.

Making up the team is said to include Tommy the Green Ranger, Luciana the Red Ranger, Derrick the Blue Ranger, Aubrey the Yellow Ranger, and Vanessa the Pink Ranger.

Only Tommy is said to be from the original show (again, a rebooted “Multiverse” version), with the four other characters new. Tommy was, of course, played by the late Jason David Frank, so that means they are recasting the Green Ranger for the new Netflix series.

Further details include that Tommy will initially be the leader but will end up betraying the team, said to come back on the team toward the end of the season.

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The Last Jedi approach to Power Rangers?

A previous description for the cast said either the Blue or Yellow Ranger would be LGBTQ, so that could mean Derrick and/or Aubrey could be LGBTQ to go along with the mostly female cast and with Tommy potentially being a bad guy.

Additional details include each episode will be an hour long, the series will be set in Angel Grove, and the series will feature new suits.

It’s claimed Hasbro wants to start filming in 2025 and also that this is the same draft they’ve had for the past couple of years.

Obviously consider this all rumor, but similar to what Disney did with Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi and even what Kevin Smith did to He-Man on Netflix, it sounds like they are doing something similar with Tommy the Green Ranger and The Power Rangers by injecting their agenda into the content and making a fan-favorite character the bad guy and it all about “female empowerment.”

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