Orlando Bloom Wants To Be In The MCU

Orlando Bloom Captain Britain

Orlando Bloom wouldn’t mind tackling the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While speaking with BBC radio, the actor known for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies and WB’s Lord of the Rings films mentions that he does read Marvel comics and wouldn’t mind playing Captain Britain.

“I do read [Marvel Comics] a little bit,” Bloom said. “Who’s the British one? Captain Britain! There you go. Terrible costume, though. And you’ve also got Captain America so what you going to do? Captain Britain versus Captain America?”

A Captain Britain TV series has actually been pitched to Marvel, but that was a couple of years ago, and bear in mind the TV series would be from Marvel TV and not Marvel Studios.

Orlando Bloom isn’t the only actor who recently mentioned Captain Britain as Simon Pegg also dropped the name while talking with JoBlo. 

“I mean, Captain Britain was the Marvel superhero that I loved growing up, ’cause he was the British member of that community,” Pegg said. “I even have a Captain Britain mask when I was a kid, but I fear I would probably be slightly too old now, but if they do have… If a Captain Britain movie comes about, they’re gonna need a British cast, so…”

It has been said Marvel Studios’ Phase 4 plans are going in a different direction, so how about an Excalibur movie?

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