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NYCC 2015 Ticket Purchase Equals Epic Failure

NYCC 2015 Ticket Purchase Equals Epic Failure


Today at noon, NYCC 2015 tickets went on sale – well, sorta.

The NYCC people earlier sent out an e-mail with a link to buy tickets.

I checked the link, and it said to return at noon ET.

A couple of minutes prior to noon, I checked it again and the complete website was down with a “Not found (error to origin)” error.


For the heck of it, I google-cached the site, which also threw up an XML error.

I then proceeded to the NYCC Twitter where they tweeted out not to use the NYCC website, but a different link, which took users to (why didn’t they set up a redirect from NYCC to showclix?).

However, is just as big as a failure as users are put in the queue to purchase tickets, but when the browser is autmatically redirected – it results in a Time-Out error. That means it’s taking too long for the server to communicate, so it times out and throws up an error code resulting in no tickets.


I’ve already refreshed two different browsers (desktop and mobile) with the same error happening.

I’m guessing may have needed to increase their timeout redirective as it seems set at around 30 seconds. Of course, the site is getting slammed with heavy traffic, which is probably more the reason for the failure.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why these Comic-Con people can’t get this stuff straight. I think this happens every year. Hire a programmer to run some tests. Hire a programmer to run a dummy-user test to see how much load the server can handle. This is inexusable.

I’m also guessing they don’t want to go the ticketmaster route as the Comic-Con people don’t want to fork out the fees.

Talk about frustating. I’m still waiting…. As are others.