No One Wants To Play Marvel’s The Sentry

Three actors are said to have passed on the 'Thunderbolts' movie.

Three actors are said to have passed on the 'Thunderbolts' movie.

No One Wants To Play Marvel's The Sentry

You know things are bad when actors turn down roles, and that is again said to be the case for The Sentry in Marvel’s Thunderbolts.

The same has been said for Fantastic Four as well, and we know both movies have new writers onboard, so it adds up.

The latest regarding The Sentry is that following the exit of Steven Yeun it has been claimed two additional actors have been offered the role.

It has been said Dev Patel and Austin Abrams have been offered the role, with Abrams being the most recent.

However, now it’s claimed not only did Dev Patel turn down the role following the exit of Steven Yeun, but now Austin Abrams has turned down the role of The Sentry in Thunderbolts.

The info comes from Daniel RPK who along with DCULeaks REddit claimed Austin Abrams was most recently offered the role. The scooper now updates his original rumor and says Austin Abrams passed on playing the man with the power of a million suns.

Worth a mention is that only Steven Yeun was confirmed, and apparently it seems as if these casting rumors are coming from casting sheets which may simply be names thrown out there for the roles and may not hold much weight.

Regarding why Yeun left, it’s claimed that the strikes messed up his schedule, but that seems highly doubtful as according to his IMDb, his schedule is wide open.

Thunderbolts concept art by Andy Park
‘Thunderbolts’ concept art by Andy Park

#RIPMCU continues

Reportedly, a bunch of actors also passed up roles in Fantastic Four, namely for Sue Storm and Reed Richards, where it has been claimed particularly Adam Driver passed because the FF script was garbage.

Again, both FF and Thunderbolts have new writers which suggests Feige is attempting to right the MCU’s sinking ship following the MCU on Disney+ being a failure as well as the complete and massive failures of The Marvels and Quantumania and disappointments of Thor: Love and Thunder, Doctor Strange 2, Eternals, Shang-Chi and Black Widow.

Only James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy 3 has been any good, but of course Gunn bailed on Marvel and is now in charge of the DCU where he actually may be courting Marvel actors who are also bailing on the MCU.

Rob Lowe also recently blasted Marvel while talking to his buddy Robert Downey Jr. and said Marvel f’k up everything. #RIPMCU continues…

Thunderbolts has a July 25, 2025 release date directed by Jake Schreier. Florence Pugh stars as Yelena, the new Black Widow; Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier; Wyatt Russell as U.S. Agent; Olga Kurilenko as Taskmaster; David Harbour as Red Guardian, and Hannah John-Kamen returns as Ghost, with Harrison Ford also rumored as Red Hulk from Captain America: Brave New World.

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