Nightwing Director Wants Movie To Blow You Away


nightwing movie blow you away

This past Comic-Con saw WB announce eight DCEU movies, but many fans noticed some thought to be happening weren’t on the list.

The good news is that the Comic-Con DCEU list isn’t final and that more than likely forthcoming announcements will be made about future films.

Case in point is the Nightwing movie, which is currently in development.

Fans took to Twitter to question The LEGO Batman movie director Chris McKay who is attached to Nightwing why there wasn’t an official announcement. McKay offers up he wants the Nightwing movie to be the best that it can be so they are taking their time.

A seperate tweet from Chris McKay also saw him suggest Lorne Balfe (LEGO Batman, Ghost in the Shell) as a possible contender to director the Nightwing movie.